How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page for Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn has made a lot of changes to user policies and features since it first began in 2003. If you haven’t kept up with the more recent ones, Emsculpt NYC then you may be missing out on some unique opportunities to market your business and find new customers. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s New at LinkedIn

One of the most exciting changes LinkedIn put into place recently is a total revamp of company pages. Company pages have only been available on the social networking site for a couple years but it wasn’t until early in 2013 that they rolled out additional features to make them a very effective marketing tool.

For one thing, LinkedIn members can now follow your content, much as they would “like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter in order to automatically see updates and news items, such as job postings, new employees, etc. Of course, gaining a large number of followers is the name of the game so the more connections you have, the better your chances of reaching a larger audience.

Another fairly new feature at LinkedIn is the ability to gain endorsements for the skills listed on your personal profile. This provides a great way to show your expertise to current contacts, become visible in keyword searches and get recommended to new contacts.

LinkedIn has a strong history of acquiring related software companies. One of those, SlideShare, provides an excellent opportunity to show the world what your company does. By simply creating a slide presentation and posting it to SlideShare, administratiekantoor-start you can link that to your LinkedIn company page, thus providing an audio and visual representation of your business and some good SEO mojo.

A change coming soon to LinkedIn is a new app called Contacts. With this app, you will be able to sync your LinkedIn connections to other programs, add new ones, access them and update them all online via a single program. This will present more opportunities for entrepreneurs to network online when it becomes available.

Why You Need to Update Your Company Page Now

In light of all these new and proposed changes to LinkedIn, i-base it’s more important than ever that an entrepreneur create a fully optimized company page.

Of course, you need to fill in all the fields; the more information you can provide to contacts and users who may be searching for a company similar to yours, the better. This ensures your company can be discovered based on keyword searches for the products or services you offer, or a specific area of expertise.

Different types of content are important. Adding photos, videos and SlideShare presentations makes your company page more engaging, and more likely to be followed. And daily updates help it get noticed, grammiemagazine too. Provide links to your blog or an opt-in offer on your website. An occasional update sharing interesting information from other websites is always a good idea, just like you would post on other social media sites to round out the content.

Of course, the main point of utilizing a LinkedIn company page is for marketing your brand, but it also allows the entrepreneur to make personal connections, establish relationships and find prospects via a variety of tools included in the new company page layout.

Have you utilized all of LinkedIn’s new features – especially company pages? If not you are missing out an excellent opportunity to connect with other people, lifestyleforboys professionals and prospects while marketing your business and optimizing your brand. LinkedIn is one of the best social media marketing tools an entrepreneur can add to his or her arsenal!


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